My 2nd Internship: Ready Set Go!!!!

Holaaa… Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008!!

Finally, for the next 4 months, Starting from January 2 – April 30 2008, I become an intern in Euro RSCG Adwork, an advertising agency, at Jl Guntur 48 Jakarta..

In this company, I’m working under Euro RSCG 4d which is the division of  Euro RSCG Adwork that moving in below the line advertising & marketing activities.
My immediate supervisor is Ms. Indah (nice to meet you miss!!)..

The working condition in here is very different from other companies. In here
the situation, i can say… hmmm relax+busy!! Why? because, it has became
the tradition in advertising agency that they work based on the client request,
so when a alot of clients have thier request, our work will be crazyy, so damn busy.
and vice versa when there’re few clients  our work will be relax. Because of the company is far from my hometown I rent a room
with my friend (he work in Client Services division) in the same area. (perhaps it’s not really far, but it will make me stressfull if I don’t rent and live
in there..)

My working hours (formally) from 8.30 am until 5.30 pm but (informally) it depends on the job tasks. Phuihhh.. wondering
why this people really love the job and they become workaholic.. hmmm..
(I think I should make a research) …

Hopefully, I can adjust and adapt with the working condition and the people.
Phuihhh…. but because of i just could come back to my hometown after one or
two week, I really misss my honey.. (it’s OK, hmm just remember this is learning
process for us (you & I, hon)..

Oh yah, just some add, Now in this new year I will be released a business
and a new target for my life. please friend, pray for me..

just remember what master Yoda said “My Young Padawan, Learn from your mistake you should!”

3 tanggapan untuk “My 2nd Internship: Ready Set Go!!!!”

  1. I just wondering.. what a advertising agency do??

    did you create some commercial advertising on TV for examples?

    what skills are needed there??

    thanks before…

    ^^curious mode: on


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