Noordin M Top Shoot Out Drama: Real or just conspiracy

We knew that, finally, Noordin M Top was killed which police stormed on Saturday after a 18-hour siege. Congratulations for Police that came up with a good result to fight Terrorism after Kuningan Bombing. But there’s a lot of question marks..

Is he a real Noordin M Top? Why Police still not yet confirm? Does all the series of TErrorism already answered? Who is the real intellectual actor of this terrorism actions? Why are the event seems odd, such as CIA gathering before Marriot Bombing.. ? Why this, why that?

All of this should be revealed. I’m quite interest in Muslim Daily’s analysis, especially in paragraph which told us that there’s an international group who financing this “global control” activities. Because it’s impossible for Terrorist can grow without the support / donation from the group who had the biggest control in money (remembering The International movie)…


I hope the answers of the questions can be revealed soon. There are too many conspiracies in this world, from economic situation until this Terrorism Actions. Hopefully there’s a light at the end of this “global Control Issue” .. hopefully…

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