2011, 1st posting

A lot of writing works that i have to upload, but still have to find the right place to upload the video (read: office) because the size is so huge. Please be patience guys.

For this first posting in 2011, I just want to quote my new friend’s comment on twitter,

By shining a light on others, you shine a brighter light on yourself

Devin Zimmerman, Digital Strategist, 360 Digital Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Are you ready to rumble in 2010?

Yeah, this is my first post in 2010. I can say 2009 is my year in the “jungle”. The tough workforce, the new knowledge, new business established, and a lot of wonderful things happened. What about 2010, ok, perhaps i’ll share my resolution for 2010 to you later.

No matter what will hamper me, 2010 should be my year.

Cheerrioss 2009, Let’s Rock 2010!!

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