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Pandu leads the team responsible for strategic planning and execution across digital & social communication, owned media, paid media and analytics at Communicaption. Pandu believes in positive marketing approach, where brand strategy is not only result the output but also the positive outcome for business and social. Pandu has architect-ed digital strategy for Unilever brands, Bank Central Asia, Toyota, Indosat, IM2, Panasonic, Ultrajaya, XL Axiata, Greenpeace, Danone and also active in developing online community and movement in Indonesia.

In Social Impact mission, Pandu with partners initiated Jemari Foundation, a foundation that focuses in the area of information and communication in relation with the issues of social, environment, and humanity to achieve Well-Informed Society. He also initiated Social Media Strategist Club (#SMSC). Previously he led strategy department as Head of Strategy at Klix Digital and RAcK digital.


Pandu was born and raised in Bogor. He believes in #digitalforgood and work-life balance concept. He loves design, movies, code, and technology for sustainable future. Addicted to reading and browsing. Pandu is an emcee and manager of Jelanguan, the biggest (and the only) Parody Music Band in Bogor.


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