Blogor: What’s Next?

The uniqueness of blogging in Indonesia is “Kopdar”, offline meeting or routine gathering for online community to meet with others in real world ; ). Blogor, the blogger community from Bogor, had done Kopdar on 15th November at Telkom Plaza Bogor. This kopdar was special because it was talking about the next step to re-activate the community in order to improve the community. This event was facilitated by Mr. Prasabri Pesti, the General Manager of Telkom Bogor, that also one of Blogor.

In the meeting, we talked about the next step of Blogor’s Activities. Kang Achoey opened the meeting by explaining the history of Blogor, and Blogor updated. The meeting also assessed that Blogor Organization structure should be added in order to strengthen the main committee. Beside that, to keep the Blogor Site always updated and consistent, the editorial board for was formed.

Division of Education

There is also new division in Blogor, Division of Education. This division is formed because we think that Blog is also the source of education, especially nowadays with the rising of internet and technology. Blog can improve the level of education, especially for student and public. Blogor also will have more contribution in the development of Telkom; and the most importance is to establish the open education for all.

The meeting attendance appointed me as the Head of Division. This position (for me) should be accountable and seriously handled. Actually, there are several reasons why I accept this position:
– I love to teach
– This is my opportunity to do social movement to share free education for all (as before I got full scholarship and get free education previously)
– 2010, It’s the time for education in Bogor should be increased, improved, and got better.
For doing this, I’m not alone, I have the team, Angga (Blogor & SMAKBO student) and Billy (Blogor & Chemistry Teacher in Dwi Warna), and indeed with the support of Mr. Matri Soni, Mr. Prasabri Pesti, Mr. Sjafri, and All Blogor(S).

Here are the results of the Fresh Blogor Committee:
Pupuhu (Chairman) : Hangga Damai
Ketua Harian : Alif Ontohod
Sekretaris : Danang Wibowo
Bendahara : Niar Melani
Ismiati Azizah
Divisi IT : Dian Ardiansyah
– Endin
Divisi Kegiatan : Desi Hartanto
Fajar S
Div. of PR and Fund  : Cucu Haris
Chandra Iman
Div. of Education : Pandu
– Billy

Editorial Board of
Chief of Editorial: Cucu Haris
Secretary: Prass MT

Content Editorial:
Boin, Fajar, Miftah, Alif, Bunda Desi, Bunda Menik, Windy, Echa, Pandu, Chandra Iman, MT, Ismi , Achoey, Akhdian, Yella

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