The Biggest Blogger Party in Indonesia

1378 Bloggers from all parts of Indonesia celebrate the 3rd party of Blogging in this democracy nation. Pesta Blogger 2009 (Blogger Party)  is the biggest blogger party in Indonesia, was held on Saturday, October 24th 2009, At Smesco Building. The theme for the annual gathering of the country’s blogging community was “One Spirit, One Nation.”

The event began with the Indonesian anthem and a short documentary about the country’s diversity. Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tifatul Sembiring opened the event. There were also bloggers from other countries, Brian Giessen, a Sydney-based social media expert and blogger; Mark Fraunfelderz,the founder of; Arsalan Ikhtifar, human rights lawyer and founder of blog; and Corvida Raven, author of Everything Twitter and The Social Geeks Podcast. The last three Bloggers appeared from their place via teleconference.

I and  Blogor(s)

What a great day for me to see the rising of blogging that gathered together with the same purpose. There were a lot of bloggers came from different parts of Indonesia, vary demographic background but with one purpose. I, as a blogger from Bogor, West Java, came together with Blogor (Blogger Bogor) Team. There were 16 Blogor(s) came to this event.

(in this picture) Resti Lalu, Anka, Pandu(me), Unggul, Ontohod, Baban Sarbana, Fajar and Akhdian


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