New Project: Creativology!!

Creativology comes from the word “creative” and “logy”.

Creative (involving the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new)

Logy (a subject of study)

Creativology : A field of study that involves the use of human’s skill and imagination to create/ produce something new or different.

CREATIVOLOGY CORP. Is a corporation consists of two dreamers who exploit their brains to maintain their existence in the virtual world, since they are not really exist in the real world. This imaginary companionship was established when the members are in a desperate need of money to pay their debts. The creation of this project proves the proverb that said “once you trapped in a hopeless or under pressure situation, it is the human survival instinct that helps you to find the unthinkable solution”.

The creators of the CREATIVOLOGY CORP. are:


Having an exquisite ability in Public Relation, Monon a.k.a Padmanegara fully exploit his brain in designing, writing, and thinking out of the box. This guy, who wants to become the second Johnny Depp, believes to the law of attraction. Monon’s most interest is movie and music. He is sure that this world will become worse in the next five years. That’s why he created this company to change the world to be a better place.


Umbrella is a type of person who thinks that he is the only normal person live on earth, which might also means that he is the only ‘abnormal’ person. He has an absolutely different way of thinking compares to others. For instance, he prioritizes quantity rather than quality. This cutie fat guy loves to eat anything that eatable. Having an Hotelier background helps him to reveal the undiscovered sites of tourism in Indonesia. It is an unfortunate that he is still single. However the loneliness of being single often helps him to generate surprising ideas.

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